Lease Pull Ahead Proof

Lease Pull Ahead and Turning in Your Lease at Matick Toyota

At Matick Toyota we make it easy to turn in your Toyota lease, and in doing so you’ll receive a $50 gift card! If you’re looking to replace your Toyota with another one, we offer great programs and incentives to take you out of your lease early, avoiding any mileage charges and accommodating any life changes.

Many customers end their lease early and replace it with another Toyota!

Rarely do we have customers keep their leases to the end of the term. If your life has changed, if you’re over on mileage or perhaps you just love the look of the new Toyota you’ve been dreaming of… there’s no reason to not look at your options now.

If you turn in your Toyota lease at Matick Toyota

we will provide you with a $50 Gift Card just for turning it in at our dealership! This allows us the first opportunity to add it to our used vehicle inventory so it is a win-win for you, and us.

Gift Card

Give us a call 586-463-9000 now to discuss your options (with no obligation), or simply fill out this form You can also chat with us during business hours and we’d be glad to answer any questions you have, or schedule a time for you to drop off your lease and receive your gift card.